Today, I am incredibly thankful.
Arms up in praise
I have no strength left. I have fallen apart.
And yet, God is there for me.
Time has not stopped because I couldn’t push it! 🙂
I said, “I am all in for God’s plan!”
And I meant it.
I hoped that it did not mean
Learning again to trust Him through a loss.
But it did.
And, once again, I found that He can carry me through the days
When the waves of sorrow swallow me,
The towers of guilt hedge me in all around,
Or the ache of separation sends me drifting, exhausted, indecisive, unsure.
Nevertheless, I thank God for the beautiful gift of her life.
She was with us, she shined through us, for only a short time here,
But I will hug her some day.
And eternity is long.
Today, like every day I remember to be, I am all in for God’s plan. And I am thankful for it.


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