Pocoyo in Trouble

I’d had no real nausea, and even more than that, I just knew that something was not right. This sounds silly, but, when I talked to Pocoyo, I’d stopped feeling that she heard me. And I had one day of terrible cramps with vomiting. I told myself that it was just nerves–because of my losses last May and last August. But the feeling wouldn’t go away. So I called the doctor, said that I was unreasonably concerned, and asked for quantity beta HCG tests.
I took two tests, one on January 30th, and the second 48-hours later on February 1st. I got the results today, February 4th.
They’d like the first (according to my dates, I was about 7 weeks) to be around 7000. It wasn’t, it was 4116, but that didn’t matter much. What really mattered was that it double in 48 hours. It didn’t. It only went up to 4404. The doctor said, “It could still be okay, but prepare for the worst.”
How do you prepare for the worst? My ultrasound will be Friday, February 7th. Will they find Pocoyo there? With her little heart beating?


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