Overheard and Nicknamed

Well… When you become pregnant, you have to tell your health insurance. So I was on hold on the phone for an impossibly long time, and there was no kid-free place to hide once the customer service agent picked up. That means that my six-year-old, whom I thought was not listening, ended up overhearing me say that I’m pregnant.
We usually don’t tell the kids until after an ultrasound confirms that everything is okay, but the cat was out of the bag. I told him that it was mostly still a secret, and I told him why. But he said, “I do NOT keep secrets from my brother!” (meaning his older brother, my eight-year-old.) So, the brother was told. They were both pleased and excited–much to my surprise. And they wanted to name the baby.
After hearing a few suggestions like “Clutch Powers” and “Boulder” I said that naming a baby was a job for Mommies and Daddies. “Then what is the job for brothers?” they asked. “Ummmm… Making sure that the baby has a good nickname.” I suggested. Right away, they chose one. Our baby has the perfect nickname…


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