Embryo Transfer and Embaby Obsession

OK, since my embryo transfer, I have not really “thought” about the kitchen at all. That’s two weeks of unintended neglect. My wonderful husband, Ben, has been keeping things going in there–feeding the kids, cleaning up, making meals… What have I been doing?
So, I go in there to make lunch for the kids today, and I think, “Where is the cheese? Why don’t we have any bread? What happened to the sink?! Why are all these toys on the countertop? Why are they covered with dish detergent?” And then I realize, the kitchen needs that “feminine touch” that keeps things sparkling and uncluttered and supplied. What have I been doing?
Oh, yeah. I’ve been busy obsessing about my embabies.
I’ve been monumentally busy.
My first response was guilt. My family has suffered because I was out-of-the-groove of caring for them. I neglected them.
But–My family is ok. It took me an hour and a half, but the kitchen is back to normal (except for the supplies–gotta go for those tonight), and the kids have been cared for, bathed, dressed, fed, schooled, cuddled, read to, laughed with, tucked in… Largely because of my wonderful husband stepping in, but also because I haven’t fallen off of the planet…
And–what if I only get two weeks to spend talking to, singing to, praying with, cuddling my tiny twins? What if these two weeks are my only chance to be with them and serve them, this side of the Kingdom? Maybe it’s okay to obsess about them, for these two weeks?
Maybe it’s even… decent parenting. It’s ok for a family to make a few adjustments to welcome, protect, enjoy, nurture it’s tiniest and most vulnerable members.
Because they are part of our family. Even if they don’t stay long…


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