What Goober Peas?

Oh, yeah–I forgot to tell you about Goober Peas. You see, my husband and I give a nickname to each baby while we are pregnant. We try not to find out the genders of our babies before they come; “he” or “she” might be unintentionally promising something to the older ones. So, what will we call “the baby?” We will not call our baby “It.” Saying “the baby” all the time was just not doable for us. So, each pregnancy has a nickname.
Our first pregnancy was from our fresh IVF ( in-vitro fertilization) cycle, and the embryo that was transferred came from egg #40, and was listed as #40 on the transfer day report card, so, he was called “Forty.” I know, a little weird. But it gave us the chance to tell about our long wait for children (12 years) and how blessed we were that God had made a way for us. When he came out, he was a boy! So, we named him “Benjamin.”

Our next pregnancy began with our first FET (frozen embryo transfer). Two embryos were transferred that day (a 2-cell and a 4-cell), but only one stayed. Praise God that he did! His first beta was 5! (They hope for first betas of 60 or more.) He was our second miracle, but not knowing if he was a boy or a girl, we called him “Grundoon,” after Walt Kelly’s Gundoon in Pogo. When he came, as already suggested, he was a boy, and we named him Samuel, meaning “in the Name of the LORD.”

Next, we became pregnant naturally, and totally by surprise (and God’s abundant grace!). Benjamin had been praying earnestly for another sibling–he wanted a sister like Boo in Monsters, Inc. So, warning Benjamin that the baby that arrived by surprise could be either a boy or girl, we called the baby, Boo! Surprise! When she came, she was the sister Benjamin had prayed for, and we called her “Aleithia,” which means “truth.”

Then, God blessed us again with a surprise pregnancy–although somewhat less of a surprise, this time. Sammy was praying for a brother, and we called the little one “Cephas,” meaning that Jesus is the Son of the Living God. I warned my husband that the name was setting us up for a boy, but he stood by Cephas–and when he came, we named him “Judah,” which means “Praise the LORD!”

So, this pregnancy is Goober Peas, so far, because two embryos were transferred. Our last two. Two pease in a pod. 🙂 Aleithia is praying for a baby sister, Sammy for a brother, and Benjamin for twins (or more). So I pray, may they both live! May God bless us with Boy/ Girl twins! Amen.

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