PUPO!! (pregnant until proven otherwise)

We had our transfer today! We transferred two 3-day embryos, both graded a B-, one had 2 cells and the other had 4. I know, an average 3-day embryo has 8 cells, but these little ones have been frozen for nine years; it’s not really surprising if they take a little longer to wake up and get growing. Is it? Anyway, I keep telling myself that they’re just slow starting–after all, my second son had only 4 cells at transfer– or was he the one with 2?

two-cell Embie, like mine

two-cell Embie, like mine

Only God knows.

four-cell Embie, like mine

four-cell Embie, like mine

My little ones–what a delight to have you here with me! What a joy to finally bring you home! Now, our family is finally all under one roof. May your lives, whether short or long, be full of grace and glory! Welcome, welcome, little ones!


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