Tomorrow would be LMP

Ok, this is how crazy this journey gets…

I am nervous, almost holding my breath, because tomorrow’s date might become a special one… No really, t’s like giving a gift for a 1-week anniversary. You see, should I stay pregnant after this upcoming embryo transfer, and should I graduate to a regular OB, and should I have the due date that IVF Connections (click the link to go to their FET Due Date Calculator) gives for my transfer date, then tomorrow’s date would be the average start of LMP (Last Menstrual Period) for this pregnancy. Having had an FET pregnancy before, I know that it’s helpful to know this date, even though it doesn’t really apply to me. Just try telling the average breastfeeding consultant that the baby you are carrying now was actually conceived in July of 2004… An LMP date gives you some shorthand.

So, tomorrow is not an LMP, really, even if God should bless me and I should stay pregnant. And I don’t even know if that is His plan. Nevertheless, I am all a-glow, nervous, full of anticipation, hopes, anxieties… Just because tomorrow–oops, now Today!! is the 16th.
I blame the process. I don’t think I’m this excitable in regular life…


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